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My wife was fucking debs our old neighbors for several years and still I can not enough of each other. Barrie usually visit us on your part to Debs, but al4a this time went to his office on the site he found him in his local pub for a meal and drinks before afew home. When we got there we all knew what was the score without hesitation went straight to his Bedrooom. Debs and Barrie began kissing passionately and caress each others bodies. Very soon both naked Barrie Debs and massaged the big cock in full erection. I took off and sat down, enjoyed seeing each al4a other. Barrie Debs loose on the edge of the bed and knelt before her and began to explore her tongue n juicy pussy. Debs soon running down the face and tongue. Debs was back in bed and pulled Barrie and began to suck his penis was, his mouth moved up and down this massive length andvery soon was shooting his first load of hot thick load in her mouth. Barrie did not take long to reach a full erection again and Debs was on his knees and pushed his stiff shaft deep into her pussy banged hard. Barrie went to town on it, pounding his cock in and out of his hole juicy aws hardest I've ever seen before. Now I was completely lost controland began shouting all kinds of dirt. fucking 'Fuck me hard son of a bitch' he yelled, 'Give it to me hard' and 'Fuck my ass ' were some of their demands. Barrie was just happy to do it, lubricated with its demands and pulled his cock from her pussy al4a covered with a condom, and he, with his pussy juice ass just pushed the atmosphere. She called me and started sucking my cock like Barrie held push in and out of her ass. The two were ordered on the edge of cumming and Debs I squirt on his face, and Barrie had to keep fucking her until spunk. I my cock from her mouth and shot my hot cum all over the stickCara, as ordered. As I cleaned my cock in her face al4a Baarrie groaned when his office to go. He noted that condom full of cum from her ass and pulled him out of bed Debs was his tail, and quickly emptied the contents over his sweaty body can and started rubbing her tits and pussy. She was insatiable, demanding that shit for the rest of the night. We took many times that night, but she was like a bitch in heat and just could not gget enoughof us. Barrie was for her and took her at least 5 or 6 times in all possible positions pf. Each time you fill her pussy with, and it looked like a pint of hot milk thick. Deb was in heaven when we beat them both in one night. Eventually I could not take, and how we got into bed, I could see his body in the cock and cream -covered pussy sweat was a mixtre its own juices and drops of our semen. And spacing is stretched wide and extended from us fulfills all your wishes. We find BArtie for a few al4a days and every night that gave him more of the same, fucking her for all that was worth it. We have since al4a heard of Barrie has always asked if we could put a few days, Deb agreed and is now planning for the front, which is certainly more than a marathon set of gills.
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